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Pokemon Frosted Ash...
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Pokemon Frosted Ash - The Adventures of Fat Michael

Saam Heide
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Amazing! New completed game by princessyiris again!

This game even has a trailer:


Download is in the video description.



Pokemon Frosted Ash is a dark and serious story-driven Pokemon fangame. You play as Fat Michael. Man goes on journey that then gets named after him, comes back to find out his wife is, indeed, not a thot. Wow, you guys are good. I'm the last person I would've expected, but I was looking for me all the time! It's the perfect crime! It's a story about love, and friendship, and bonds stronger than even that of family. But ultimately, it's a story of having to accept that even those things which could be so powerful in life are still things which one needs to move on from in death. I hate my memory sometimes I can never figure out a "favorite". Artist who loved his starving country enough to get into politics, win big, go on to share his views with the world, perform the world's most successful pest control, and then lose it all to a bad winter. At least he went out with a bang. Heh... Fuck it. Alright I'll do a serious post this time. Same story though: A man who believes the system he lives in is unjust and wrong sacrifices everything he has to fight against it, despite knowing he is powerless to defeat it, will receive unimaginable punishments for his actions, and will be cursed and hated by everyone and everything he's ever known, because he believes he is right, and is so filled with pride that he can not accept any compromise on his beliefs. Trust no one, except yourself, and yourself's self. Wounded warrior rescuers a young foreigner taken into slavery and searches for a home for her in a post-war land while learning more about his curse of undeath.
- All Pokemon including SWORD & SHIELD!
- EPIC unique Pokemon and AWESOME regional forms!

- HUGE game with ONE HUNDRED HOURS of content!
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Saam Heide
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Looks like princessyiris posted it on Twitter and Paws, too.



Come on bro, this'll be HYPE! 😁😁😁