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Pokemon Girls Hunter

Name: Pokemon Girls Hunter
Remade by: fz15
Remade from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78253286
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.com and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, we will play Pokemon Girls Hunter. It’s a GBA Hack Rom and based on Pokemon Fire Red by fz15. First, It’s an R-18 Game and not for the kid. If you are a kid or younger 17-year-olds so hmm hmm… Maybe you can know what should you do. But you can try and If It’s your choice. Ok, maybe you can know Pokemon Psychic Adventures and you love it. This game is for you. It’s better than Pokemon Psychic Adventures. You can catch any girls, any bitches You love, You can wear clothes for her or not. Everything you need is Human Ball. And you can catch some girls. And this game has a new region with a Great story, I can say a great story. Anyway, It’s completed with English. Thanks fz15 for hacking this game. When I make this video, I can’t show a nude or sexy or uncensoring thing in this video. So I will censor something and so sorry about this. Well, You can come to my site and watch a screenshot if you want. And now, Let’s go if you want. I’m pokemoner from ducumon.com!

In Puela Region, Team Rocket has invented Human Balls, these special Pokeballs can be used to capture human girls. This makes Team Rocket much powerful than how they were. To stop them, Cassie, a police officer of Puela, decided to ask for her old friend’s help. Her friend Seda traveled the whole Puela long time ago, so she is an experienced Trainer. From now on, Seda will travel the whole Puela to help Cassie to catch all evil girls in Puela.

A whole new region called Puela.
About 50 kinds of catchable girls.
Most girls have three forms: Normal form, naked form and tied up form(Some special girls don’t have alternative forms).
Two bad ends(Losing to Team Rocket/Losing on the Mummy Tower will cause the bad ends, they actually destroys the save file if you save in the bad end events, so do make sure to save before these bad ends happen.)
About 10 kinds of catchable Pokemorph girls.

How can I go to the realm island
You need to capture all the girls which appeared in the main storyline, a girl in Nest Sewer and Nessa.

So in Chelle Island, there’s a boat that asks us if we want to buy an island…so, can we actually bought the island?
You need to catch all girls which appeared in the main storyline, a hidden girl on Nest Island and Nessa to get the island.

What should I do after triggering the mummy girl event by talking to the lady in the pokemon center on realm island?
Go to the secret room on the 1st floor of Mummy Tower to continue.

Where is the dungeon? I can’t go to the island of the kingdom.
It’s on Route X15, and you have to make sure to catch all special girls showed up in the storyline, Nessa and a special girl in Nest Sewer.

fixing Corriner’s form changing methods
The fixed glitches includes:
The player’s icon on the world map.
The glitchy script of the league gatekeepers.
Many girls’ pokedex entry and base stats.
The broken Pheromone Box in Victory Road.
And so on…

1. Magneton couldn’t evolve.
2. Some girls could be seen in the wild.
3. Some minor glitches like movement glitches.
4. Fixing sprites

Psychic Girl doesn’t change forms.
Some girls have wrong movepool.
Some girls have wrong Pokedex entries.
Updated the sprites of some girls, because they would appear as NPCs in the potential sequel.
Added the untied form of Mummy girls and one special mummy girl.(Her event can be triggered by talking to a lady in the Pokemon Center on Realm Island)

fixed most of the glitches He found in the game and fixed them all.
The fixed glitches include:
The player’s icon on the world map.
The glitchy script of the league gatekeepers.
Many girls’ Pokedex entry and base stats.
The broken Pheromone Box in Victory Road.
And so on..

It’s a GBA Rom and Completed. It’s English!



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Download Pokemon Girls Hunter Final Version 12/3/2021 (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Girls Hunter Final Version 12/3/2021 CIA (Completed)

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