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Pokemon Nameless [1158]

Pokemon Nameless [1158]
Name: Pokemon Nameless [New Project by 1158]
Remake/Hacked by: Wind1158
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: http://wind1158.blogspot.com/2019/03/pokemon-nameless-demo1pokemon-fire-red.html
This is the prequel(and sequel, but the sequel part just consists of several events.) of Pokemon Mega Power and the sequel of Pokemon Resolute. In this game, you play as Chronya, the young hero of Cyenn Region.

12 years ago, Altena, the general of the Valo Empire had to leave her country with her daughter Chronya. She didn’t tell Chronya why they had to leave their hometown. The only thing Chronya knew was that she had a father who lived in Cyenn Region, and her mother decided to ask for his father’s help. However, they were attacked by Dark Workers, who were employed by the Valo Emperor. The emperor wanted to get rid of Altena forever. Altena fell into Dark Worker’s trap, Chronya had no choice, she had to jump into the ocean. She was saved by a young agent, this agent was called Gavin. To defend Chronya, Gavin gave Chronya his Pokemon. This is the beginning of Chronya’s journey…

New region — Cyenn Region, Western Tyron Region, Sevii Island, and Lande Region.
Pokemon from generation 4 to generation 8.
Real Mega Evolution — Except for Chronya’s first Pokemon, it’s special.
No Gyms — Battle Arenas take the place of the Gyms.
No Pokemon League in Cyenn Region — The tournament takes the place of the Cyenn League.
You can decide on when to challenge the Cyenn Tournament by yourself.
Skills take the place of HMs, try to learn more useful skills.
Half-open world(After the Shedir Town event).
You can decide on when to begin with the main storyline by yourself.
Black/White Repel System.

The whole game is complete.

Beta 3.54 fixes Clamperl’s evolution methods. Now Clamperl evolves by using Moon Stone or Sun Stone.
Beta 3.53 fixes the trainer errors in the Battle Department.
Beta 3.52 fixes the glitch which may make the game freeze when you have pokemon which doesn’t have four moves.
Beta 3.51 fixes the glitch which might break the game when you have more than 80 pokemon registered in the pokedex.
Beta 3.50 fixes the glitchy map of Lande, now you will not be told to not to continue unless you have room for one more item in Zosma Town to make sure you won’t lose the Extriminite. What’s more, the field moves were removed in this beta to make sure Fairy Wind glitch can be fixed. I think this is not a big deal since the field moves are always useless, but you can still download the older beta if you wish to keep the field moves.

Beta 3.49 fixes a great amout of text errors and some graphical errors.
Beta 3.48 fixes the glitch which makes it impossible to access the cave of Latias/Latios in Alrakis River, now you can buy Latiasite, Mewtwosite x and Mewtwosite Y from someone on Five Island after you beat those trainers who gives you these mega stones the first time.
Beta 3.47 fixes some movement glitches like the one which makes it impossible to reach the Ceratoide Adventure Club. Some mineral deposit was fixed, and mega Diancie’s gender, Mega Mewtwo’s base stats were fixed as well. It was possible that you can’t catch Suicune, but that should also be fixed now.
Beta 3.46 fixes the glitch which makes Pokemon which have less than four moves shows multiple “flash” in the menu. And I tried to fix the glitch which mistakenly changes Chronya’s ow sprite, hopefully this glitch won’t happen again. All these were fixed thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw’s help.
Beta 3.45 fixes two glitchy diving spots in Alrakis River.
Beta 3.44 fixed the following glitches:
The glitched houses in Shedir Town and Iris Town.
The wrong flags for some Trainers in Battle Department.
The Tyron Pass can be exchanged even if you don’t have enough coins.
Marshadow’s ability was changed.
Beta 3.43 fixed some minor glitches.
Beta 3.42 fixes the glitch which makes it impossible to access the top of Mt. Antares.
Beta 3.41 fixed some minor glitches, and the diving spot near Mt. Hamal was moved a little bit to make sure a gamebreaking glitch won’t occur. The movepools of Entei and Raikou were changed a little bit to make sure they won’t use roar to escape.

Beta 3.40 changes the titlescreen and adds a in-game guide system, if you don’t know where to go, then choose “Think” in the menu to let Chronya talk to herself. In this beta, a great amount of minor glitches were fixed as well, and you can get the spiky-ear Pichu on Polaris Island now.
Beta 3.35 fixes the wrong warp script in the Canopus Ruins and some other minor glitches.
Beta 3.34 fixes the gamebreaking glitch in Alocasia Town, a great amount of tile errors and some other minor glitches.
Beta 3.32 fixes the glitch which may make the shiny Milotic on Four Island unobtainable, and some minor glitches are fixed as well.
Beta 3.31 still tries to fix the Game Corner thing, there’s nothing new.
Beta 3.29 fixes a glitch in the Game Corner.
Beta 3.29 fixes a glitch in the Game Corner.
Beta 3.28 fixes some minor glitches like Seth disappears after he gives you a TM, Saleh doesn’t have the correct team, some trainers have wrong sprites and so on.
Beta 3.27 fixes the move Dark Pulse and added the sprite for Exotic Ore. The download link now contains the brief walkthrough of the game.
Beta3.26 fixes the glitched ladders in Mt. Hamal and added the script for an item in Mt. Hamal.

Beta 3.25 fixes the following glitches:
Hotfix: The glitch which made Keldeo disobey was fixed.
The glitched warp events of some areas.
The wrong movement permissions which may block the path of some areas.
The wrong category of Flash Cannon and Power Gem.
Some glitched Trainers were fixed.
The second mega guardian of Sableye on Granite Path was replaced with a trainer who gives you Meloetta.
Beta 3.24 fixes the following glitches:
The hoster of the Battle Department only battles you when you have beaten exactly ten trainers.
Some mega stones are broken.
Some secret areas of the Sevii Islands are messed up.
Fixed the stats and evolution method of some Pokemon.
Gambler cannot be learned after Enif City event.
Beta3.23 fixes the problem which makes it impossible to defend the LvEX Defender title in most Battle Arenas except for the Shedir Arena.
Beta3.21 fixes a gamebreaking glitch on Golden Path and some minor glitches.
Beta3.2 fixes the glitched event in Orange Village, which is the one of the last events of the main storyline.
Beta3.11 fixes a major glitch in Peacock Cave.

Beta3.1 is here for fixing several glitches, the most important thing is it was possible that Gartrie won’t appear on Beid Path after you get Swimmer Lv2, this new patch can fix that, if you have got Swimmer Lv2, then just talk to Jill on Murphrid Path to have it fixed, you don’t have to battle her, just talking to her is enough, Gartrie should appear on Beid Path after that.

This is the complete version of this hack, but there will be updates for fixing the glitches.

Cia File is for Nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Nameless [1158]

Pokemon Nameless – Brief Walkthrough
Pokemon Nameless Skills
Download Pokemon Nameless Beta 3.54 Fixed [1158] (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Nameless Beta 3.54 Fixed [1158] CIA (Completed)

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